DocSmart: Electronic Document Management System Tips

An effective document management system will make your everyday life significantly easier. Think about the times you have spent lengthy amounts of time searching for files and documents, wasting time which could be used on much more productive tasks. An electronic document management system which works for you is a key solution. There are various tips you can utilise to avoid unnecessary steps and here, we will dive straight into them.

Declutter files in your document management system

The first step is to declutter unnecessary documents you no longer need, which add to having to sift through items. Just like the Marie Kondo method encourages you to get rid of items that have no  purpose and don’t spark joy. If you don’t have much time, then there are two different options. You can slowly delete items as you come across them throughout a number of months. Or, alternatively, if you are downloading a new document management system software, it could be more suitable to only transfer items you currently need into your new software. Either way, it will take the load off.

Enterprise document management system or software 

There are various types of enterprise document management systems and document management software which are there to help make your life easier. Free options like Google Docs have basic, limited features, whereas paid options like M Files use technology which streamlines processes.  This means there are various filing tasks you don’t even need to lay a finger on as the electronic software automates it for you. Do your research on pros and cons and utilise a document management system software which works for you.  Ensure you are reading up on software in your current location so simply search a phrase such as “enterprise document management system nz”.

File names in your document management system

Implement a process which is consistent across all platforms so you end up knowing by second nature exactly how to find a file instantly. The whole point of an electronic document management system is to make life more efficient, after all. To begin with, you may want to put your naming and filing process into your notes. If files are saved and shared across parties then this should be put into documentation so everyone is aware of how they should name files as well as how to source files. In this manner, people don’t need to wait hours to hear back from other parties in order to find a piece of information. If you are wondering how to name a file, it could be something as simple as the client name followed by a dash and the style of content then a dash and a title. For example, Doc Smart Solutions – Blog – How to have an efficient electronic document management system.

Whatever the enterprise document management software you opt for, you will notice a difference in your tasks and the time it takes to complete them. While it will initially take some time to set up your document management system, it will be worthwhile over time.

Zoe Kickhefer