Are you planning to go on a trip? Forgetting the necessary travel essentials can ruin your trip. You will regret not being careful hence your mood will change, and you end up not enjoying the journey as you had planned. That’s why it’s always advisable to double check your luggage before heading out for a trip. Most preferably, have a list of the essential products then cross them one by one after confirming that you have packed them. Below is a list of the travel essentials that people forget to pack.

1. First aid kit
Getting sick during or after a flight and after a long drive is pervasive. That’s why it is essential to ensure that you pack a first aid kit when you are traveling. It should contain painkillers and other equipment for cleaning small cuts and bruises in case you get injured to prevent infections.

2. Hand sanitizer
Germs are always everywhere, especially in public areas. Therefore, you should still make sure that you have packed a hand sanitizer to prevent acquiring diseases that are transferred through germs. Remember to sanitize everything including the tray table in the airplanes because you never know how many people have come in to contact with it.

3. Passport
How would you feel if you had to cancel your whole trip because of forgetting to pack your passport? Most airports are very strict on the arrival/departure time, and most people are forced to purchase new tickets because of delays caused by forgetting to carry a passport. Ensure that you pack your passport and other essential documents to be on a safer side.

4. Raincoat/Umbrella
Just because the place you are coming from is sunny, it doesn’t guarantee you the same weather in the area you are traveling to. Always make sure that you pack a raincoat and an umbrella to avoid the inconvenience of having to wait for the rain to stop or catching flu.

5. Toiletries
Even though most hotels offer toiletries, it is always wise to pack your items because you never know their hygiene level. Carry your comb and any other thing that you use on a daily basis for grooming and personal hygiene. Lack of proper hygiene might lead to infections.

6. Phone accessories
This comprises your phone charger and headphones. Traveling when your phone is off and not being able to listen to music can make your trip very dull. Consider investing in a portable battery charger in case you lack a power outlet because you can never know what to expect when you travel to a new destination.

7. Swimsuit
There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that there is a pool at the hotel that you will be staying in during your trip and you don’t have a swimsuit. Having to buy one each time you go on a trip is also very annoying. Therefore, always pack a swimsuit when you go for a tour to save on the extra cost.

Zoe Kickhefer