If you’re fortunate to have a cottage form part of your domestic living setup, the likelihood is that it’s in more of the older style, perhaps the original style in which the main house itself was built. You can still maintain the old charm and character of the original styling, but add a modern functionality twist to the cottage.

This would naturally be something you’d be keen to do if you want to make use of the developments of modern-day technology to perhaps earn a little bit of extra money for that extra living space you have, going on to host some guests through apps one or more of the popular room rental applications. The simple addition of some decking to go along with a hot tub might very well be all you’d need to do to upgrade the outward appearance of your cottage, of which appearance surprisingly proves to be most popular with people seeking this type of accommodation through apps like Airbnb.

Cottages are typically designed to resemble as much of separate living space as possible, so you would ordinarily needn’t worry about whether or not you have the space to fit some decking, along with a hot tub to go with that decking. It’s likely all covered in the original construction plans, characteristic of an era when pretty much everything was made with quality and designed with rather correctly predicted future trends in mind.

If possible, the design profile of what would be wooden decking should hug the entire area surrounding the front of the cottage, in a sense reinforcing the self-contained feel synonymous with a cottage. Ideally, you’d have the colour of the decking match that of what would likely be the teak garden furniture dotting the entire property, which is merely a “hack” which ensures guests feel welcome and part of the greater property, even though they essentially have their own space to themselves. You can speak about this process with some deck builders in Denver, or wherever you are from, to see which would suit your overall design and how you can incorporate that around your cottage.

It’s like having their own space within the safety of the greater space. Add some teak garden furniture for them to enjoy, and you are almost there!

The highest quality of hardwood is non-negotiable as far as wooden decking goes, especially if you’re going to have a hot tub installed as well. The same type of wood would need to be used for the hot tub too, which will naturally be distinguishable by a little bit of elevation and perhaps a darker shade of the wood in the area immediately surrounding the tub itself.

Upgrading your cottage with a hot tub and decking would then naturally require those structures to be under some kind of cover, so that whole structure would ideally replace a good portion of the trees and other plant life that might have been previously hugging the front of the cottage instead.

Those natural elements should then be prioritized to form part of the greater, main structure of the yard. This kind of arrangement works well to separate the cottage without the need for something like its own fencing, etc. However, for the security of the property, you can install chain fencing Edmonton (or elsewhere) to get an unrestricted view of the nature surrounding your cottage. Moreover, you can cover the fencing with climber plants to create a green wall, which can work great with a hot tub to improve the surrounding aesthetics.

You can also add a few more elements to your deck. For instance, if there’s still some space on the decking, one or two teak garden furniture pieces will be more than enough. All these features together can build a small ecosystem for you to enjoy regularly or during vacations.

Zoe Kickhefer