Custom ties are extremely versatile and can be created for any occasion including (but not limited to) made to order ties for sports club, corporate ties for businesses and ties used as part of promotional campaigns – the possibilities are endless! Read on to find out more about creating your own custom ties and some tips to bear in mind.

Take advantage of expert designers – they are more than happy to offer advice!

There can be a lot to think about when creating your custom ties but remember expert designers are always available to help! They are able to produce initial designs for your custom ties and offer advice on the best choice of fabric, colours and patterns.

Remember that polyester is a great choice for daily wear

If you are creating ties that are to be worn daily, for example as part of a uniform, then polyester ties are the best option. Cheaper than silk and more hardwearing, polyester is the perfect fabric for ties and accessories that will be worn on a regular basis. For more detailed designs, dye printed polyester ties are a great option, they offer brighter, more vivid colours. Alternatively if you want a more traditional look, woven ties are recommended, they are normally designed with logos and diagonal stripes are woven throughout or individually placed for a smart and stylish effect.

Silk offers a luxurious finish for formal ties

When creating ties for more formal occasions silk ties are the best choice due to their high quality appearance. Silk woven ties offer a luxurious finish thanks to the soft feel and fine detailing of your chosen motif which will be jacquard woven. However, if you prefer a tie with a lighter feel then you can opt for dye printed silk ties, which allows you to create smaller knots.

Don’t forget about the finishing touches, they make all the difference!

The great thing about creating your own custom ties is being able to choose all the finishing touches. You could further customise your ties by selecting the colour of your lining or weaving your logo or name into the lining fabric. You could also personalise labels and choose to have your bespoke ties packaged in presentation wallets or boxes to add a touch of elegance. Why not consider creating your own custom ties today?

Zoe Kickhefer