Block bottom bags lie flat when not in use and open up at the bottom when they’re filled. You’ll generally find them used for everything from gift shop purchases to coffee and chocolates, and they make a great addition to your packaging selection. 

Here are just four benefits that come with block bottom paper bags 

  1. Eco-Friendly

Block bottom bags are very good for the environment. They can be made from sustainably sourced, easily recyclable, and 100% degradable paper, and the fact that they’re smaller than most other bags means you won’t be using more material than you need. That’s great for your business since it’s always important to stay as eco-friendly as possible, and it’s something today’s customers tend to appreciate. 

  1. Space Saving 

Block bottom bags take up very little space in your storeroom, so you can make a large order to save money without having to worry about stock piling up behind the scenes. They also take up a very small amount of space on your counter, and it’s easy enough to grab one when you have lots of customers queuing up. 

  1. Stays Upright

It might seem like a small detail, but the ability of block bottom bags to stand upright without being held can be really useful. Customers tend to like how easy it is to keep dipping back in for whatever treats the bag holds or standing them upright them they get home. Block bottom bags are also useful when your own staff need to fill them up with things such as coffee, loose leaf tea, and coffee.

  1. Great for Branding

It should go without saying that branding your bags is important – custom printing helps reinforce what your business is worth and helps advertise to anyone who sees your bags. Block bottom bags work well for branding since they present a relatively large surface area that doesn’t bunch up when carried, so they’re one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy branded bags.

Zoe Kickhefer