What To Do After Getting In a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can leave everyone involved feeling scared and frazzled.  It’s easy to feel lost or confused, and as a result, you may fail to carry out necessary steps.

Therefore, it’s best to know ahead of time what the proper procedure is.  That way you can ensure that the insurance claim process goes smoothly. Here are the most important things you should do if you find yourself in a car accident.

Pull Over

One of the worst things that you can do is flee the scene after getting in a car accident.  Bring your car to a complete stop in a safe place, and ensure that you or the other passengers aren’t seriously injured.

If you or anyone else in your vehicle is hurt, call the police and wait for help.  If you are okay, get out of your car and verify that the other driver is okay.

Call 911

Regardless of whether anyone has been hurt, it’s important to call the police.  It’s a police officers job to arrive at the scene of the accident and fill out a report.  Having this report will come in handy later when you file an insurance claim.

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

In order to protect yourself and carry out a claim with insurance, you’ll need the other driver’s information.  Be sure to take their name and address, telephone number, as well as the other driver’s license and plate number.  

If they refuse to give you their information, write down as much information as possible about their vehicle make, physical appearance, and the location of the incident.

Get Witness Statements

If there were others present who witnessed the accident, it’s a good idea to ask them for statements.  Once you collect witness statements, be sure to write down the witnesses names and contact information in case your insurance company needs to contact them.

Take Photos

You should immediately take a photo of your car as well as the other car.  In order to support your claim, you’ll need photographic evidence of the scene of the accident as well as the damage that was incurred.

In some cases, the other driver may claim damages that didn’t actually happen in hopes of a getting a higher settlement.  However, a photo can prove that the damage was not in fact caused by their collision with you.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company as soon as possible.  They’ll be able to give you the information that you need to get your claim processed.  

If it’s your first accident, they’ll be able to guide you throughout the process of what you can expect from this point on.

Zoe Kickhefer