3 Ways To Avoid Injuries Around The Holidays

While there’s never a good time to get hurt or sustain an injury, arguably the worst time to be dealing with the pain or discomfort of being injured is over the holidays. With so much to get done and so many fun activities to participate in, the last thing you want when you’re trying to celebrate is to be feeling unwell or having to work around your injured body.

But especially around the winter holidays, there are so many more dangers that people need to be aware of if they’re wanting to stay safe and healthy. So to help ensure that you’re able to fully enjoy the upcoming winter holidays, here are three ways to avoid injuries around the holidays. 

Stay Safe On The Roads

If you live in an area where you get winter weather like snow and ice, you know how dangerous these conditions can make the roads you travel on. And while most people know that they need to be extra cautious when driving on slick roads, this doesn’t prevent car accidents from happening.

According to FastMed.com, some of the best things you can do to avoid getting in a car accident on winter roads is to slow down, give other cars more space, and be careful when braking and accelerating. And if you can plan your time on the roads when they aren’t as busy or are clearer, those are the best and safest times to venture out. 

Be Conscious Of Walkways

Not only are the roads icy and dangerous in the winter, but almost every surface can become slick when the temperature drops. Because of this, it’s important to be conscious of what the walkways are like in the areas you’re passing through.

To keep yourself and others from slipping or tripping, Steve Tischler, a contributor to UCI Health, recommends that you make sure all walkways are clear of things like extension cords from your decorations or other holiday decor. Additionally, keep some salt on-hand so you can use it to make your outdoor walkways less dangerous. 

Take Care When Using Ladders

When putting up your winter holiday decorations, many people use ladders to get up higher and place their decorations. But according to AAOS.org, almost half a million people get hurt from ladder injuries around the holidays.

To keep this from happening to you, it’s wise to always have someone spotting you when you’re up on a ladder. And before you even start climbing up a ladder, make sure it’s stable and sturdy enough to support you without wobbling or tottering over. 

To help you have a safe and happy holiday season this year, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you avoid getting injured this winter.

Zoe Kickhefer