Whether you want to upgrade your backyard to make it more appealing to potential buyers who are searching for homes among Grand Rapids real estate or simply to make it a place more enjoyable for your family and guests, there are some easy ways to achieve your goal.

Create a Botanical Garden

While it will require some effort, gardening is fun and it brings a wealth of physical and mental health benefits too. A botanical garden contains a variety of flowers, plants, vegetables, and perhaps trees. You’ll need to prepare some areas of your backyard and set up a plan to design it based on where shade falls and which places get the most sunlight.

Add Lighting

The 2018 Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of Realtors found that one of the best projects you can do when it comes to outdoor features is to install landscape lighting. Malibu lighting is inexpensive and easy to install, running on solar power which means it won’t run up electric bills. It helps to show off the backyard and garden at night, silhouette trees, prevent people from tripping, and it might keep burglars away too.

Set Up a Barbecue Area

Having a barbecue area for outdoor cooking makes an ideal space for entertaining and outdoor parties, as well as for the family to enjoy anytime on a pleasant day. If you can install an outdoor kitchen and a grill, even better. This will definitely increase the value of your home while providing a fun place for get-togethers among family and friends.

Water Features

Adding a pool is costly and you’re unlikely to get any return on your investment, but adding inexpensive water features is a great lower-cost upgrade that can increase the value of your home by making it more appealing. Think a fountain, small pond, or a hot tub.

Install a Deck

Decks are more popular than ever, great for relaxing and entertaining – and, they also bring one of the best returns on your investment, typically 65 percent or more. You could also try Deck Staining to make it look better as well as protect it from fading or water damage related issues. Ideally, install one that’s about a fifth the size of your backyard as you’ll want to keep the cost in line with the overall value of the home. You’ll lose money if you install a deck that’s too big for the property size. Another advantage of installing a deck is that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage – it’s a relatively affordable way to extend your living space outdoors with the average cost of a 500-square-foot deck about $7,000. If you’ve extended your deck for storage space such as a metal building garage for garden tools or equipment, then you will need to make sure that it is able to withstand what is needed.

Add a Hammock or a Porch Swing

One of the easiest things you can do to upgrade your backyard is to add a hammock, placed between two trees or on a stand anywhere in the yard. Having a porch swing is another great alternative as a tranquil spot for beginning or ending the day. Either can provide a quiet place to escape to while relaxing in the fresh air as well as boosting the perceived value of your home, instantly drawing potential buyers’ eyes, making the entire property feel more a peaceful retreat.

Zoe Kickhefer