It’s that time of the year again where you have to come up with another creative and exciting idea for a halloween party. With people’s creativity increasing every year and the rise of new social media channel TikTok where creatives can showcase their masterpieces it’s no wonder people feel under pressure to come up with something new and exciting every year for halloween.

So how can you make some easy DIY accessories from paper?


With the right materials you can make anything from a nurse’s hat, police hat, cowboy, witch etc.  Some require more work than others but using newspapers will give you the hold and flexibility that you will need when creating hats from paper. They are also easy to paint and decorate once you are done.

Frankenstein head

A classic halloween costume is a Frankenstein, although it is easy enough to paint your face green, sometimes it’s nice to do a bit of extra effort.  You could make a paper mache forehead to reflect the long forehead that he has. Or if you want an easier option, you could use a paper bag to get the elevation needed and blend the edges of the bag to your skin with some liquid latex.

Wind up doll handle

For something a little different, you can create your own giant handle from paper and card for halloween. Simply cut out the key shape from some card board and then use various pieces of paper to create a paper mache tube. An empty loo roll or kitchen roll holder will be perfect for creating the foundations. Then once you’re done simply attach the two together and incorporate it into your complete doll outfit.

Grim reaper scythe

Another DIY halloween accessory you can make is a grim reaper scythe, although perfectly doable just with paper mache, if you have an old broom or brush handle that you can use this will make it a lot easier and quicker.

Head bands

Although not as impressive as some other options, a gold old fashion paper headband can be a perfect last minute option if you are running late with halloween costume ideas. Simply measure the circumference of your head and trim the paper. Then you can add bat wings, cat ears, spider legs or any other spooky halloween ideas you may have.

Using paper for halloween ideas

Although it may be easier to purchase some plastic Halloween accessories that you’ll use once and then lose or throw away, if you have a bit of time opting to make your own accessories from eco-friendly materials like paper. Not only will it give you a completely unique outfit that you created yourself but you’ll also be able to sustainably dispose of the materials in a recycling or compost bin.

Zoe Kickhefer