Date nights are always a cute experience for both parties. However, sometimes a date night out isn’t always wanted or needed and it’s here when at home date ideas come into their element. Whether it be a game night or a romantic candlelit dinner, at home date nights are just as romantic and fun as date nights out and about! Below we’re going to look at 10 cute at home date night ideas for you and your date, regardless of if it’s one of your first dates or you’ve been together for years. So, if you’ve spent the last year or so working from home, not being able to enjoy a good meal out in a fancy restaurant, hopefully below you’ll find inspiration.

  1. Candlelight Dinner

Candlelit dinners have long been a staple of a cute, romantic date night, both in and out of the home. However, nowadays a lot of restaurants have caught onto this, and have turned what was once a cute date night into a money-making scheme for them. As such, why not take the opportunity to create your own candlelit dinner with your own spin on it? Invite your date round for dinner one night but keep the details vague! Make sure to find out beforehand if they have any dietary preferences – serving a vegetarian a steak is a sure-fire way to kill off the evening in an instant! It’s also worth putting the time in beforehand to make as much of the dinner by yourself as possible, because not only is it an interesting talking point during the meal, but it also could go a long way to impressing your date. So the date is set, the meal is prepared beforehand and all that’s left to do is set the tone for the night. For the candles, I recommend just plain, unscented candles for the table. This helps to set the scene without overpowered the smell of the meal with the scent of the candles. If you’re lucky enough to have a rooflight and it’s a clear night, take full advantage of it to show off the stars for added romantic effect. (Doing some research beforehand and learning a couple of the constellations would also help to impress your date! Easy constellations to spot are Ursa Major – The Big Bear(the whole thing not just the big dipper), Ursa Minor – The Little Bear, Cassiopeia – The Greek Queen & Draco – The Snake

  1. Movie Night

Bring the excitement and the joy of the cinema to your own home with a planned movie night. Find a movie that you both want to watch together, whether it be a new release or a timeless classic, and grab some snacks, drinks and blankets and turn off the lights! If you’re stuck for something to watch, Disney films are always a good choice, because even if you or your date don’t fully know the film, you’ll probably know a song or two from it! Romantic films are also a good choice as they’ll nicely match the style of the date. Musical adaptations of films also present a good choice, because if you and your date know some of the songs, you can also sing along with them! Here you’ll find a list of the best classic movies ever made to help inspire you.

  1. Game Time

Spending time playing a game is not only a fun date idea, but it can also make a fun and special thing that the two of you could do together. However, the secret lies in what game you choose to play. Some people may prefer the simplicity of a card game like Uno, whereas others may prefer to play something more complex like Monopoly which takes longer but is more challenging. Don’t be afraid to get involved in more specialist games though! For example, if you or your date play a more specialist game, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering or Bolt Action, don’t be afraid to suggest playing it! If you both play it before you met, it’ll make for an amazing date, and if you don’t and one of you has to learn the rules, it’ll mean so much to the one teaching the rules that you’re taking an interest in their game, and for the other person it could be really fun to learn the rules and play a new game! And if you both enjoy specialist games like that, card and wargaming companies often offer starter sets or packs, meaning that one game session could turn into a joint hobby and pastime for the both of you!  

  1. Build a Fort & Have a Nerf War! 

Perhaps the most childish option on this list, but also the most fun! The nerf guns can be picked up inexpensively, and then only using materials in your home, the two of you must build your own forts and have an awesome nerf war! For extra fun, try videoing your battle and try buying packing boxes to design and cut out fort parts from! While this sort of date night may be incredibly childish, it will give you and your date a sense of enjoyment like no other! 

  1. Arts & Crafts Date

An arts and crafts date is a really nice way for the both of you to express your creative sides and learn more about each other. The actual art or craft that you do is up to you and your date, and with companies such as Hobbycraft offering a variety of easy to start arts and crafts ideas such as clay making and sewing, you’ll be sure to find something fun and interesting for you and your date to do together! For an extra element to the date, why not go to a craft store together and pick out what you want to do together? Alternatively, many couples over lockdown have bought their very own modelling clay kits, perfect for the creative couples.

  1. Try Cooking Something Together

If you’re looking for a date to challenge the two of you, why not try cooking a meal together? Dishes such as curries are often complex and require a lot of work and care to turn out correctly, so trying to cook one together would present an interesting and fun challenge. For example, cooking pizza isn’t as complex, but is more fun, especially if you experiment with the toppings! Pizza bases can be picked up relatively inexpensively from supermarkets along with the other ingredients needed. Either way, whatever you decide to cook, making a meal together is a very cute and fun way to spend several hours together. Alternatively, baking something together, whether it be cakes or pastries or anything else, is a really nice option too! You could even consider baking some pot brownies using the leftovers from your stash (see to learn how), if you want to make it a bit more interesting and creative. This way, you will not only enjoy the cooking process but also the subsequent experience (if you know what I mean!). Regardless of if you make it from scratch or it comes out of a kit, baking together would be a fun way to spend several hours together while also giving you several opportunities to slip some baking-themed flirtatious lines in, along with giving you something delicious to eat when you’re done! 

  1. Have a Water Fight

This one is unfortunately only possible on a hot day and would have to be done in a garden, but having a water fight is a great bit of fun that you can easily make as fun and complex as you want! Add different types of water guns to make battles more interesting, and then bring in objects to hide behind and water balloons for extra fun if you wanted to! The good thing about water fights is that they can be just as simple or complex as you want to make them and no matter what they’re still just as fun! However just make sure you have towels and changes of clothes to hand for afterwards!

  1. Try Learning Each Other’s Skills

Trying to learn each other’s skills is a fun and educational way to get to know about each other. Regardless of what the skill is, from being able to do hair to painting a portrait, trying to teach and learn skills is a fun date idea that will help you to get to know each other’s skills and passions. However, it gets even better if your date has a hobby which requires a lot of skill to be able to achieve and that they are able to show you, such as a sport or a crafting hobby. Taking an interest in their hobby or skill set will not only be interesting for you, but could also help to break any ice between you, especially if your date enjoys showing off their skill or hobby! 

  1. Play a Video Game Together

Video games are an amazing date idea, especially if you both have an interest in them or play the same ones. A video game is also a great way to get to know about your date or develop new goals together, because once you start working on something together, you’ll want to keep working on it together! Now depending on what game you play, you may find that you achieve different outcomes from this date. Games where play and work together, such as Minecraft, could end up bringing the two of you closer together and give you talking points during times away from the game, such as what you’re going to work on next together. Whereas games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Call of Duty, which encourage player vs player action, may bring out a more competitive side of the two of you.

  1. Plan a Picnic & Walk

A cute, romantic date unlike any other, a picnic and walk on a nice day is a beautiful date for any couple. However, in order for it to go off perfectly, it requires planning. So why not sit down and spend some time putting the preparations in place for the day? From deciding where to go to organising what to take, there’s loads you could plan and organise! There are lots of guides out there of many scenic places to go for walks and picnics, and if you were to put on some music, you’d be sure to have a nice time planning a wonderful future date together! Don’t be afraid to venture further afar too, as there are some truly scenic places in the UK! 


In this list there is a wide variety of date night ideas for in the home, perfect for all types of couples no matter what the two of you enjoy! From fancy meals to fun and mentally stimulating games and activities, you’ll be able to plan many fun, wholesome dates with your partner. Also, with some of the skills you may need to learn to be able to complete some of these, you’ll have several strong talking points and flirtatious lines to deliver to your date. 

Zoe Kickhefer