Solo Travel – A Safe and Inexpensive Way to Explore Your World

Solo travel IS dangerous and so is your concern. You ARE taking a significant risk by traveling by yourself, let alone as a woman traveling alone. But solo female travel CAN be safe and enjoyable!

The first and most important thing to remember is that travel safety begins with you. If you feel like you have been exposed to unsafe circumstances while traveling solo, it is important for you to contact an experienced, trusted and licensed travel attorney, preferably one who specializes in solo legal issues. If you are traveling alone in an unfamiliar country, the safest thing to do is to make contact with a local law enforcement official, and explain your concern (let them know your reason for traveling alone), and let them know that you want to make sure you are traveling in a safe manner and with adequate safety measures taken.

A lot of travelers become afraid of the “slippery” streets of Tokyo, thinking that they may slip and fall and meet an accident right there on the street. This is a common mistake among solo travelers. Some travelers mistakenly think that they can “trust” the locals, thinking that since the locals speak English, they will be helpful if they are ever in trouble. But the truth is, even the most trusting travelers need legal advice, just in case.

So when planning your first solo trip, the first thing to do is to get travel insurance. The insurance will cover any medical expenses that you incur in case of an accident (or in case you get injured while traveling alone) and it will also cover lost or damaged personal items, rental car costs, and missed connection flights and other expenses that can arise while traveling. It is very important for solo travelers to read the fine print of their travel policies, as they can have hidden fees or restrictions that are not listed on their surface. Some of these restrictions can cost travelers heavily, so it is recommended that they familiarize themselves with their policy’s terms and conditions before departure.

One of the greatest fears among solo travelers is the feeling that they are a “lone wolf” on their journey. Many travelers find that when they travel alone that they feel like they are a traveler without a cause. Although it is very true that you will be on your own most of the time, it does not mean that you should feel like you are. Solo travelers can still have a great time while traveling, by making sure that they bring along not only a travel companion but also some extra items such as sunblock and a bottle of water. You also need to factor in a plan when you travel. It doesn’t have to be super tight, but it needs to have some structure, for instance, if you are traveling to Florida, then you may want to check out a site like for assistance. In most locations they will have online websites to guide people around, otherwise, you can pick up a map when you are there to help you on your journey.

When planning your first solo trip, remember that it is not all about having fun. Solo travel is definitely fun, but it is not really a safe idea unless you consider the safety of yourself and your companions. Remember to research your destination city thoroughly, both online and offline, and always carry sunblock. Being a wise solo travel consumer is key when it comes to planning your first solo trip.

Zoe Kickhefer