There’s just something kind of ratifying about travelling to a destination of the tropical variety, isn’t there? White, sandy beach stretches, dotted with tall palms that line some crystal clear, insanely blue waters…That’s a picture-perfect cliché any holidaymaker is absolutely fine with, isn’t it?!

For those of you who justifiably require for a holiday getaway to be legitimised by nothing short of a tropical destination, here are some tips to ensure you come away with the recharged batteries only a tropical destination can charge up.

Unleash your inner-islander

If you’re going to go tropical with your travel destination, you might as well do it “properly” and go tropical-island. It’s one thing being in a destination that falls within the tropics-belt, but being in a land-locked tropical destination is different to being in one that hugs the coast. Take it all the way by honouring your place within a past card setting and hit a tropical island.

That brings into focus the next tip…

Pair your tropical destination trip with your preferred travelling style

Your preferred travel style should complement your tropical holiday destination, which we’ve agreed is a tropical island, proper, right?

The indicative seclusion you might be seeking with your choice in destination might very well be lost to those tropical island destinations that are so popular they have a direct flight in, from many places. So perhaps you’re not looking to fly in, but rather roll in aboard a cruise liner.

Island hopping comes into focus as recommended travelling style, since in most cases you’ll find that a particular tropical island destination you’re eyeing isn’t just an isolated landmass. Sure, you can spend an entire year or more on an island such as Phuket, but while there you’d be doing yourself somewhat of a disservice is you didn’t explore nearby, smaller islands, such as Phi Phi, Koh Samui, and even Koh Chang.

Book well in advance

There are indeed always some last-minute deals to be had, but generally, when it comes to the most exotic of tropical island getaways, you have to book well in advance. That’s if you want to ensure to have access to all the elements of your tropical island getaway you’ll need, like a shuttle service, etc.

Yet at other times, booking in advance, whether it be an Airbnb in the Galapagos or Luxury resort in Costa Rica, allows you to avail the best rooms during the peak season. If you’re planning a vacation around the time when everyone else is, then chances are you will have to contend with what is available to you at the time.

You can’t, for instance, wake up today and decide you’re going to jet off to one of the Virgin Isles or elsewhere in the Caribbean.

You CAN, however, take this impulsive route if your preferred tropical island getaway was someplace like Phuket, Thailand, in which case it’s still advantageous to book considerably in advance. Some of the most exclusive Phuket Villas have programmes running, like how they plant a tree in honour of each guest that arrives. Imagine just how much of a tailor-made service such an establishment would have waiting for you if you took the time to communicate your unique preferences well in advance!

So, if you’re going tropical with your next destination, choose an island, incorporate complementing travel-style elements, and organise and book the trip well in advance, within reason.

Zoe Kickhefer