Vacation is that one time of year that everyone looks forward to. It’s more than just an opportunity to get away from work, de-stress, and stop worrying about the troubles of life so much. It’s an opportunity to make new, exciting memories in places you’ve never been before.

So, if you’ve heard about the “staycation” craze, you’re probably wondering if it’s as worthwhile as everyone makes it out to be. Is it really worth giving up the whole aspect of getting far away from your problems?

Well, we think so.

If you’re a bit hesitant about taking a staycation, check out this list of perks you can expect.

1: Lower Costs

The most obvious benefit to a staycation is that you save a ton of money. Traveling is expensive. There are the flight costs, accommodation costs, and of course all the costs involved with the activities you plan.

If you’re staying home, or even just staying somewhere special in your local area, your vacation will cost a ton less.

2: Less Hassle

For the last couple of years, traveling has not been easy. Regardless of what your local area is doing, restrictions, travel guidelines and bans, and new screening processes are present everywhere. Worse, they are vastly different everywhere you go. In one country, you might be free to walk around in public without any sort of protection. In another, you might be required to wear a mask everywhere you go, or you might require special immunization documentation to enter certain events or businesses.

While that sort of thing is necessary, it’s a royal pain to deal with.

A staycation can help you de-stress and enjoy yourself without worrying about all that. You can just focus on what you want to do. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try that new cannabis strain but work has kept your occupied. Well, a staycation is the time when you get to learn more about all of that, explore your mind and interests, and just have a great time overall. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home!

3: Catch Up on Normal Life

You might not notice it, but working all the time, handling the everyday stress of life, and everything else tends to get you a bit behind on everything you love in life. You build distance between yourself and your family, you miss out on the hobbies you love, and there are probably a lot of good movies you’ve put off watching because you were too tired from work.

Traveling on vacation is great, but it still denies you the ability to catch up on all you’ve missed while working and handling your normal responsibilities. By taking a staycation, you can take time to do the things you love and be with the people who make life worthwhile. Sometimes, the most meaningful stuff doesn’t even require you to leave home.

4: Options

If saving money or catching up on your hobbies doesn’t do the trick, consider the fact that you have plenty of options in your local area to take advantage of. Not only can you enjoy all the attractions you probably ignore nearby such as waterparks, theaters, fishing holes, etc, but you can also check out a holiday park. These parks are available in Devon, and they bring all the fun of vacation to a single centralized location. So, you don’t even have to stay at home to save a little money and avoid the hassles of traveling long distances.

Zoe Kickhefer