Does owning your first shapewear give you jitters? That’s normal. There is certain unawareness about shapewear that we hear every day. Now you don’t have to be nervous, doubtful, confused regarding shape wears. Let us tell you a secret, shapewear is just another innerwear but with extra features. Every dress needs to be put on the way it should be. When we buy any dress we look at the color, size, material, maintenance part. The same process goes for shapewear. It’s that easy and you got this.

So let’s see the misconceptions people have about shapewear:

*It’s suffocating and uncomfortable

*It will lead to rashes and bruises

*It’s unhealthy 

This misconception arrived because most of them didn’t get the right guidance to buy the right shapewear and we are here to save the day for you.

To avoid the first shapewear disaster, you have to follow certain directions. 

Buy the right size: Now people think you should buy a smaller size. That’s a big NO. Go for the size of your body, check the size chart, measure, and buy. 

Know the materials: Buy such materials which are comfortable for your skin. If you have allergic reactions to any fabric, avoid those and use another best-used fabric for shapewear.

 Buy the right color: It should go with the color of the dress that you are wearing. 

Right shapewear for the right occasions: Yes, there are various ranges and types of shapewear for different occasions like best plus size shapewear, full body shaper, compression body shaper, etc all at an affordable and reasonable price.

For instance:

For Workout:  To get excellent results from a workout, a best plus size shapewear is the suitable shapewear partner for the occasion. Best plus size shapewear should be made with neoprene fabric which is a very breathable, smooth, and stretchy fabric to get that extra sweat from the workout. A best plus size shapewear gives you the right posture and support for your workout with adjustable straps for several parts of the area to tighten and loosen according to your comfort.

Feelingirl neoprene waist trimmer with high waist mid thigh shapewear for tummy and waist

For hourglass look:  A full body shaper with the right compression, support, fabric, and adjustable features is a lifesaver for that amazing dress to get the curvy edge look that you want to wear for any occasion without any discomfort for long hours. If you are wearing a full body shaper, it’s important to get adjustable fit hooks, easy to wear and take off for easy bathroom access as well as for your comfort.

feelingirl full body shaper butt lifter tummy control bodysuit

Post-surgery compression body shaper: If you are going for shapewear after any medical and cosmetic surgery, you have to choose a compression body shaper with adjustable features to allow your skin to heal and get your body into the right shape.

Feelingirl post surgical compression shapewear full body shaper undergarments

So you see choosing suitable shapewear for the right occasions is very important. Now, you got the basics for buying shapewear for the first time. 

What are you waiting for? Go get the amazing look.

Zoe Kickhefer