Summer sports are creating ways to have fun and it is played outside when there is sunshine. The only hesitating factor in summer sport is choosing which game to play.

I consider summer season as I my favorite since it provides an opportunity for me to wear lighter clothes.  My popular summer sports are probably surfing, biking, tennis, soccer, swimming and basketball.


Surfing is the difficult sport to learn but once you get to know it is addictive and a lifetime sport. My parents were getting it hard for me to come in for dinner.


Biking is the most popular sport and I do enjoy it during the summer season. It is a perfect exercise and an awesome way to get around the town in the summer.


Both single and double tennis can be fun if you only know how to get a good going and if you are not perfect, teamwork can be the only option. Here, I support my colleagues by hitting the ball more than 35 times without missing it and once they get used to, I leave them to try on their own.


Soccer can be played anywhere so long as you have a ball. I normally score more goals when I play soccer during summer season. It can be a great game if even if players are not enough to play a full-field so as there is scores. I have enjoyed playing score tournaments during this summer season enabling my team to emerge as a winner.


Swimming is one of my most favorite summer sports. When I swim, I feel fresh and relaxed. Swimming refreshes me when I am tired and stressed.  I enjoy swimming because it only requires me to use my arms to move in water and I just go with the flow of water.

From my opinion, I consider swimming as the best summer sport for me and without it my day can be so boring.


Basketball is also my favorite summer sport to play. I normally score more shots when playing this game. Spectators are always unhappy when I’m not in the court for I am their best player.

Sincerely, I like basketball because it is fantastic and makes me strong. Try to play and you will realize how sweet the game is.


I also consider volleyball game as one of my favorite sport because I enjoy playing it near the shores of the ocean. We enjoy playing volleyball with my relatives and exchange ideas on how we can become best volleyball players.  After playing the game, we usually go to the beach for swimming and that is why I love volleyball.


Kickball is among my favorite summer sport where I wear a vest or a t-shirt when playing it.

I usually play it with my close friends and we enjoy it most. We frequently play kickball so that we can perfect and become the best players. Without kickball I can’t enjoy playing summer sports.

Zoe Kickhefer