It’s that time of year again – Summer has finally arrived. And what better way to mark the greatest season of the year than by playing outside in the sunshine? The only thing putting a halt to creating memories to last a lifetime is which summer sport to play.

I consider Summer as my favorite season since it provides an opportunity for me to wear lighter clothes and to play some of the most exciting sports on the planet. Do you want to know which ones I love the most? Continue reading to find out.


Surfing is a difficult sport to learn, but once you master the basics (and are able to stand up on the board) it can be an addictive sport and one that you can play for the rest of your life. I loved it so much that my parents found it hard to get me in for dinner. This happened practically every day. The next best water sport I like would be kitesurfing. I haven’t mastered it yet, but I so want to! My friends have visited this Kitesurfschule Portugal (kite surfing school in Portugal), and they are now quite good at it. Maybe I should also see something like that.


Biking is the most popular sport and I do enjoy it during the summer season. It is the perfect exercise and is an awesome way to get around the town in the summer. If you want to get into biking, or are planning on taking your biking experience to the next level, then you may want to check out a carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike, or one within this general area, so you’ll be able to bike in a variety of landscapes.


Both single and doubles tennis can be fun. If you know that you are not perfect on your own (I know many of these people), teamwork in the form of doubles can be the only option. For those of you who don’t have any tennis partners available to play with, you can click this link to find someone nearby. You can find a partner based on your preference-single or double. Regardless of which you prefer, you are bound to have a good time playing this magnificent sport. Oh, and don’t forget the strawberries and cream! No tennis match is complete with this.


Soccer can be played anywhere, so long as you have a ball. I normally score more goals when I play soccer during the summer season. I have enjoyed playing soccer tournaments during this summer season, and have even been able to help my team emerge as the winner.


If you want to get stuck into a sport that you can easily play in the backyard with your friends and family, look no further than croquet. Depending on where you reside, the rules may differ, so before you decide to challenge your friends to a game, you should take the time to learn the croquet rules first. This way, you’ll know exactly how to play it, and even better, you can become the very first croquet champion in your family. I’m still learning the rules myself, but watch this space. So, take my word for it, you will enjoy it once you start playing.


Swimming is one of my favorite summer sports. When I swim, I feel fresh and relaxed. Swimming refreshes me when I am tired and stressed. I enjoy swimming because it only requires me to use my arms to move in water and I just go with the flow.

In my opinion, I consider swimming the best summer sport for me and, without it, my day can be so boring.


Basketball is also my favorite summer sport to play. I normally score more shots when playing this game. Spectators are always unhappy when I’m not on the court. This is because I am their best player.

Sincerely, I like basketball because it is fantastic and makes me strong. Try to play and you will realize how sweet the game is.


I also consider volleyball game as one of my favorite sports because I enjoy playing it near the shores of the ocean. We enjoy playing volleyball with my relatives and we also take the time to exchange ideas on how we can become the best volleyball players. After playing the game, we usually go to the beach for swimming and that is why I love volleyball.


Kickball is among my favorite summer sports as I wear a vest or a t-shirt when playing it.

I usually play it with my close friends and we enjoy it most. We frequently play kickball so that we can perfect and become the best players. Without kickball, I can’t enjoy playing summer sports.

So there you have it. Now you know what my favourite summer sports are. What are you waiting for? Try them for yourself now!

Zoe Kickhefer