If you are bored or have some free time, there are many different activities you can do to spice up your free time. Whether you want to spend your time outside on SUPS, or prefer the sound of spending your time inside building grand LEGO models; there will be something for you on this list. To help you, we have grouped these activities into categories.

Spending time outdoors


There is a saying that a Brit loves nothing more than their garden, and gardening is one of the most traditional pastimes. Whilst it might seem boring or stuffy, there is plenty of fun to be had by tending to your own garden and growing something that is all your own.

Bird watching

An activity that takes similar patience is birdwatching. If you have created a bird friendly garden, you should be able to spot some feathery friends in your garden with a guide book and a pair of binoculars.


If you loved treasure hunts when you were younger, geocaching is the outdoor activity for you. Geocaching is an international game of looking for coordinates, where you are given GPS coordinates and then have to find your way to those coordinates.

Arts and Crafts

Restoring furniture

Whilst a trip to IKEA can be fun, restoring an old piece of your own furniture and giving it a new lease of life can be incredibly rewarding. Rather than throwing out your now dilapidated pieces, give them some love.


Both plain and scented candles are incredibly popular right now, so why not make some of your own handmade candles, for yourself to enjoy, to give as gifts or to sell as part of a side hustle.


Cocktail Creation

If you love going to a bar and getting a good cocktail, then why not try and get good at making your own cocktails at home. Once you have practiced mixing your cocktails, you can serve up delicious drinks to delight your friends or partygoers.

Making your own drinks

If making your own cocktails isn’t going far enough, how about fermenting your own alcohol! Fermenting wine, beer or mead can give you a greater appreciation of the drinks that you love. This will take patience and lots of time, but the feeling of taking your first sip of your own drink is indescribable.



Paddleboarding is an incredibly fun and popular sport. If you have gone out to your local lake or river, you have most likely seen people moving around on stand up paddle boards. If you give it a go, you can enjoy the chance to get some time by yourself on the water, with nothing but you paddling and your thoughts to occupy you.

Walking in the mountains

If you are lucky enough to live near a mountain range or just a hilly area, you should make the most of it by walking and exploring them. Walking your way to the summit can give you a great sense of achievement, as well as being rewarded with stunning views. For some relaxation, you could carry snacks and drinks to make it a small picnic up there on the summit. If you have a Dispensary in your area, consider taking some soothing cannabis strains along so you can enjoy a joint as the sun sets on the horizon.

There are many other hobbies that you could take up to fill your time, but hopefully these one’s will help inspire you the next time you are bored!

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Zoe Kickhefer