There are three main styles that one may use:

Backstrap boots: Basically, if you don’t wear shoes on your legs then you need a special pair of boots to give the added support of a backstrap. You also get a top strap for safety and protection against rock throwing, spear wielding, blow dart throwing, and more, as well as for additional grip in some shoes.

Boot like boats: The boat boots get their added protection from a type of rubber that is run through the boat bottom as well as a rubber or leather coating. They have a ton of varied boot styles, many with a strap like structure which is actually easier to put on than with traditional boots. Some boat boots actually have a tongue to allow the boot to stay on even after you remove your shoes.

No straps: The no straps style is basically boots that have no structure or added protection at all. The most common types of these are thick rubber boots that only protect your feet from rubbing on wood or metal.

If you wear a lot of thin materials, then a backstrap or boot like boat might work best for you.

For example, on a boat, when you carry the gear to and from the water (usually a small duffle bag, lunch box, or cooler) there is no where you can sit comfortably that won’t get soaked.

Once I sat down, I was instantly soaking wet with water. I am glad I was wearing very waterproof boots to give me the extra support. This is also an instance where the flat-topped boot on the boat works better for me than backstrap boots.

There are two general styles of boat boots that you will see sailors wearing as their sailing boots. The first style is a closed shape boot with no top or bottom. It basically gives you a boat boot look while you are sailing. Another option is a boot with a back strap that you use on the back of your boat. It is easier to put on and the backstrap feels like a second pair of boots.

Backstrap boot details

The backstrap style of boat boot is made of either leather or thick rubber. You will get two thick rubber loops in the back of the boot. One top and one bottom. If you wear a top boot you get the added support of a backstrap and a rubber strip that runs across your chest. If you wear a boot with no tops or bottom, then your entire body will get a thick layer of rubber on top and the bottom strap will be in the centre of your back.

In a boat boot style where you wear your shoes to wear out the boat while it is being anchored or is being hauled around on the boat, then a typical shoe (like a regular hiking or work boot) would work well, but a better fit is a leather shoe.

Riding boots are popular boat boots, but you have to consider a problem with wearing the boots in a boat. The boat boots are usually made of thick leather that looks solid and a little tough to break in or break off in a boat.

The problem with riding boots is that there is nothing to hold your foot when a gust of wind comes and knocks you out of the boat.

Zoe Kickhefer