Things You Have To Do While Visiting New York City

You chose the NYC for your travel destination, now dig into what the city really has to offer.  Don’t be another aimless tourist, and educate yourself on the excitement that lies before you.

The city that never sleeps won’t leave you wondering what’s next.  Instead, you’ll be planning your return before you ever leave. Here are a few of the most epic experiences to check out next time you travel to New York City.  Make your journey unforgettable.

Check out the public transportation

Driving in New York City is a perilous choice, and you’ll waste a whole bunch of money on parking.  Leave your car at the hotel, and avoid the hassle of a possible injury in a car accident.  

You want the chance to enjoy your time, so spend time checking out the public transportation options in the city.  The subways of NYC are unlike any other, and you’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy some pretty entertaining musicians along your journey.  

See Time Square in the day and at night

There’s no place more iconic in New York City than Time Square.  If you’re in NYC, you have to spend at least a few hours exploring all this relatively small portion of the city has to offer.  

It’s important that you visit this spectacle during the day and during the night, so you can witness the transformation of the neon lights firsthand.  Huge electronic billboards flash a cacophony of ads and affirmations, while thousands of people roam about their daily deeds.

Take in the view from the Empire State Building

Take a hint from Ferris Bueller’s playbook, and check out the view of the NYC skyline from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  There’s nothing like getting high in the city to see a perspective of the surrounding skyscrapers you won’t have a chance to obtain otherwise.

Take a stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge

If you find yourself up for a nice walk (which you kind of have to feel up for walking if you’re going to visit NYC), take a stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge.  It’s about a 40-minute walk across a wooden-planked bridge that is outdated for vehicle crossing but perfect for taking in an intimate moment with the city.

Visit Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty

Take a few moments to explore the history of immigration in the United States, and let the stories of the past teach you just how much this country is built upon cultural diversity.  As you take the ferry ride out to the colossal Statue of Liberty, take time to consider the journey of the first Americans.

Zoe Kickhefer