Croatia is undoubtedly a popular holiday destination during summer, but is Croatia worth visiting when crowds and temperatures go down? While many generally keep the vacationing to the hot period, fall in this European nation is quite a magical time for pleasure seekers and here’s why that is so:

1) Fewer crowds

Croatia is a buzz of activity during summer, with thousands flocking in to take in the sunny beaches and the fairytale islands off them. The streets are full of people making merry and festivals ring out across this coastal nation now and again, attracting hordes of people wherever you go. Summer is an excellent time for a visit, no doubt about that, but fall is an even better time as you’ll have fewer people to compete with and still plenty of activities to do. The kids, who make up a significant chunk of the gatherings, will also be in school.

2) The weather is still quite nice

When you think of fall, probably what comes to mind are low temperatures, wet, rainy roads, and blizzards. However, fall in Croatia is a lot different from this, there is still a sizable amount of sunshine to enjoy. From September through to late October, the dying embers of the summer sun are quite pleasing, ensuring you can still enjoy holidaying on Dalmatians enthralling shoreline.

3) Beautiful fall scenery

Toward the end of fall, you get to see a different and equally impressive side of Croatia. Case in point, the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which transforms into an icicle wonderland of frozen waterfalls and lakes, each shimmering with the mesmerizing reflections of lovely trees and ice-capped peaks. The Adriatic country’s winter treasures, which encompasses colorful autumn vegetation, are genuinely a world-class spectacle worthy of the trip.

4) Everything’s cheaper

With the decreased demand that comes with fall, prices naturally tend to head in a similar direction. You’ll save a generous sum on flights, accommodation, food, park entrances, and several other expenses associated with your vacation. The general cost of living takes a dip during the cold season as well, and so do the prices of real estate, which makes it an excellent time to invest in your future vacation home.

5) Festivals galore

There’s never a dull time in Croatia with regards to festivals, and fall sees a mouth- watering lineup as the celebrations slowly escalate into the Christmas crescendo. You can look forward to “The Nights of Diocletian,” which taps into the country’s rich Roman history, the “Truffles Dain Istria,” which happens every October weekend, and “The Marunada,” otherwise known as the Chestnut Festival. So if partying was on the agenda, you have nothing to worry about as, festivals aside, the nightlife is still very active.

Croatia is a joy during fall

What’s not to love about Croatia during fall? Not only is everything cheaper but also you’ll have all to yourself intriguing beaches and historical wonders. The national parks are also blossoming with amber and crimson canopies while the weather is still excellent for a holiday on the beach. If you thought the Dalmatian nation only rocks during summer, well, nothing could be further from the truth!

Zoe Kickhefer