What are serviced apartments?

When choosing your accommodation for your next trip you want to make sure you get it right. Where you stay has a huge impact on the quality of your trip. Dependant on where you go and what you plan to do there, it is always beneficial to plan ahead so that you can be sure your accommodation won’t let you down.

Popular accommodation options in the UK

There are many choices for accommodation for wherever you are wishing to travel. These options have been available for years and mean that you can visit almost anywhere and be able to rely on quality accommodation.

Dependant on your budget, the options are very broad. A popular choice for accommodation is to stay at a hotel, but hotels are often uncomfortable and can be rather poor quality for your money.

Another option is a bed and breakfast, which often are situated away from the centre of cities and offer you a much more relaxed and personal experience.

A scheme that started not so long ago called AirBnb allows people to rent out rooms, apartments and homes to people in cities, towns and further ashore. You can often find something for your budget and will mostly be accompanied by the people who live in the home.

What makes a serviced apartment different from these?

A serviced apartment is different from the other options available because it offers you the benefits of each one, without having to compromise on quality or have to spend a huge amount.

Serviced apartments offer you more privacy than a hotel, with added luxury. You have your own private room with luxury furnishings and home entertainment systems.

As well as this your apartment is fitted with a fully functional kitchen, your own bathroom and a living/ dining space. This is all alongside your sleeping area. The kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals and save money on eating out.

Serviced apartments come in a range of sizes and can even be big enough to house your whole family for the duration of your trip. This means that you don’t need to have separate rooms for everyone and you can all enjoy time together in the space.

Why should you choose a serviced apartment for your next trip.

A serviced apartment is better than all the other options. They are situated in the best locations and come fitted with everything you need for a home-from-home getaway. You’ll be able to enjoy your time away knowing that you have a place to cook your favourite meals and entertain yourself when you are tired from a long day.

Zoe Kickhefer