Getting a pet is so exciting! Mulling over the name of your new furry friend for weeks in advance, telling all who will listen about them, all while impulse buying toys and other gifts, like the most amazing dog collars that you can get from somewhere like Fetching Ware at every opportunity that you get. While the fun parts of getting a puppy are the first things you consider and think of when picturing your new bundle of fur, the less fun parts also need a lot of consideration. Will you have enough room for the pup when they reach full size – particularly if you are planning on getting a breed which grows large. Do not pawnic (get it), for we have compiled a helpful list of points to consider when getting a puppy.

What Breed Do You Choose?

Now for some dog lovers, they have known for years which breed of dog they would like, particularly if it is a life’s dream. For others, however, this is a decision which will need some detailed consideration, especially when factoring in other elements of your life too. Do you choose a small dog or a large dog? Will they outgrow your apartment or house? As dogs come in all shapes and sizes, you truly are spoilt for choice, with endless options available. If you find yourself stuck deciding between two specific breeds, don’t forget to explore the world of mixed-breed dogs, like a corgi husky mix; you get the personalities of the two breeds, in one! Perfect for a compromise between you and your other half on what dog to get.

Where Will You Get the Dog From?

This is really down to the individual to decide. Some people, who are looking for a specific breed, will generally go to a breeder to get their dog. For others who feel stronger about adopting from a shelter, or who are not entirely sure which breed they want, checking out your local adoption center is the best way to go. While adoption centers have been cleared out as a result of various lockdowns this year (yay), there are always new pups and dogs looking for their forever home.

What Will You Need?

You have decided which breed of dog you want and established if it is suitable for your current living arrangements and budget. You have been to your local adoption center and fallen in love with a big-eyed, floppy-eared puppy. Now what? Figuring out the types of items you will need in order to look after the pup is a large task ahead of you, particularly if you have not had a dog before. There is no need to stress, for we have broken down the main things that you will need to purchase in preparation for your pup arriving home!

Puppy/Dog Food

The most obvious purchase you will need to make prior to your pup arriving home, you will need to determine the type of food that your pup will be eating. There are a range of different dog food choices out there to help your new addition grow up big and strong, including raw dog food for puppies. Considered better for your pup than processed dog food, raw dog food can provide all the required nutrients that your pup will need in the most crucial moments of their development. Bella and Duke are an example of a company which provides raw dog food to owners, including variations which are easier to digest; meaning your pup will be absorbing as much as of the vitamins and nutrients as possible. Created with puppy’s digestion in mind, this is certainly something worth stocking up on prior to your dog’s arrival. Apart from the actual food, you may want to consider getting some treats for dogs. Because your new pup could get nervous as a result of the relocation. Treats can become a symbol of reassurance and help them get used to the new place. Cannabis treats (available in marijuana dispensaries similar to Denver Dispensaries) are said to have a whole-body calming influence, minus the psychoactive effects.

Toys and Play Items

One important aspect of raising a puppy to consider, is that they will be teething for a while in their development. In order to make a difference to their teething experience, and to alleviate as much of the pain as you possibly can, it will be worth investing in some chew toys for them. There are several toys out there which vary in material, from soft chew toys, through to tougher tug-of-way style toys. Getting a variation of toys in will help to cure any boredom that your pup might be experiencing while ensuring their dental health is as best as it can be.

Registering with a Vet

Another important thing to note when getting any pet, is that you will need to register your pet with a local veterinarian. This will ensure that they can access the right care that is needed if you find yourself in a situation where they require emergency medical attention. Vets will be able to advise on small or big problems. Your pet will receive annual health checks to make certain that all is in working order, and that your pet is at full health. Ensuring the safety and health of your pet is of upmost importance after all. Most of all, have fun! This is an exciting part of your life and one that you should settle into in no time.

Zoe Kickhefer