4 ways to entertain the kids when you are staying in family accommodation

Booking family accommodation for a holiday is the first thing to sort when you are going away; when you get there, you have the challenge of keeping the kids entertained throughout the stay. There are only so many group activities that you can book in before you run out of time in the day. You should always have some back-up activities planned if, for example, it rains and you’re stuck in the family accommodation for longer than you anticipated.

In today’s blog, we take a look at 4 ways that you can keep the kids entertained when you are staying in family accommodation.

  1. Find all the top board-games and schedule a games night

Games nights are always fun and they also have the added benefit of being very family-friendly. Some of the best options include Monopoly, Cluedo and Mousetrap. They are all fun activities that provide a good opportunity for family bonding and banter with the children. This is a good option if the weather is keeping you stuck inside your family accommodation for a longer period.

  1. Workout with the family in the garden

If you are not so restricted by the weather, family workouts can be great if the accommodation you are staying in offers a sizable garden/outside space. You can find a wide variety of different workouts online catering to various fitness levels and time frames. We recommend going for fun workouts with an element of competition to keep the children engaged in the activity.

If you want to plan for this, why not take a jump-rope or football with you when going on holiday? This will give you several other different activities to try with the kids to keep them entertained.

  1. Take advantage of any streaming subscriptions

If you are in the mood for a lazy day most good family accommodation will offer plenty in terms of Netflix and other subscription services. This is good if the weather is bad or you are just tired after a long day of exploring.

  1. Speed some time cooking with the whole family

Cooking is a great way to bond with the family while preparing a meal for the evening. This kills two birds with one stone as not only will you be entertaining the kids you will also be saving on money by eating in. If you do want to take part in this activity, make sure you have access to a full kitchen and enough space to all take part in making a fantastic meal.

Book family accommodation that will allow you to do all 4 things and more

Booking family accommodation means taking into account more than just a place to rest your head. The right family accommodation will offer activities for the kids, wide-open spaces to relax in, and plenty of room to do any of the activities listed above and more. Make sure you book the right accommodation, in the right location so you have a trip that will make great memories for decades to come.

Zoe Kickhefer