Given the number of years it takes to qualify and then gain experience in an area in order to get a career, it’s important you pursue something you actually enjoy. Just like a potential digital marketer would look into various courses from websites like MECLABS to build on their knowledge, so will a web designer, which is what we are discussing today. If you are looking at training as a web designer or heading into the web development industry but aren’t 100% sure yet, it’s important you do your research and especially in the area you are in. Each country will have different components to reaching your goal. Here, we will look at the pros of training as a web designer which are relevant for all locations.

Design and creative freedom

A web designer role is extremely creative and many people that wish to pursue art in some form end up going into this web development industry. Instead of working on paper, you are essentially designing digital assets and websites. This means you have similar amounts of creative freedom as an artist. Of course, this is often guided by a brief from a client, whether that’s on specific colours or surrounding a specific theme such as ice cream or tropical. As you become more experienced as a web designer, you can push back and gain even more freedom. Regardless of where you work, your work model and your experience as a web designer, you will always be able to express creativity.

High Paying Industry

The web development industry is significantly lucrative. Therefore, you will be paid efficient monetary value for pursuing your creative passion. Web development, as a concept, is not something that comes naturally and can be potentially undertaken by people with no experience in the area, like that of copywriting where decent writers can throw something together. The complex nature of knowing design rules as well as complex coding means web designers and web developers do get paid large amounts of money for their work. Of course, this will vary between countries and whether you live in larger cities, go for a large business with a bigger budget, a smaller company or freelance. Despite these variations, your role as a web developer or web designer ] will still tend to be higher paying than most industries.

Remote work

You really can work from anywhere as a web developer – work from home, a smaller town far away from the actual office, out in the country, wherever. Essentially, you have so much more freedom with the ability to work online. If you need to be in contact with your clients, you can always make video and voice calls to speak to them about whatever they need. It is important that you have a solid connection and a good platform to connect with them via video. You can check this out on websites like to learn more about bitrate and how important it is.

Available Work

Every successful business has an online presence. In fact, they gain their success through their online presence. This means the endless businesses requiring web development and web design updates makes for a lot of work out there. Think about every time a business needs a new tab, to add a new product or blog post. Then every two years, the entire design should be updated to keep up with the trending web design. You will always be wanted as a web designer.

When you are studying, you can start to follow local agencies on social media as well as contact them for opportunities of experience. Simply search keywords like “web designer auckland nz“, “digital marketing agency nz“, and “web design company in auckland“.

Zoe Kickhefer