What are the benefits of using leg compression boots?

Leg compression boots provide enhanced circulation to help alleviate problems, including plantar fasciitis, that may lead to injury. They are also ideal for runners who wish to wear athletic shoes but not risk injury, or people who walk long distances at a time. Some studies indicate that leg compression boots increase blood flow to tissues and release nutrients that encourage the growth of new blood vessels to promote faster healing.

In the clinic, doctors have seen dramatic results in their patients with plantar fasciitis, and the benefits usually persist for a long time. Doctors say that because air compressions pull out the gas, the circulation is also increased and oxygenated, and all of this encourages healing.

Air compressions help protect the patellar ligament, and therefore reduce the amount of pressure on the knees. The plantar fasciitis also tends to develop in the vicinity of the patellar tendon and below the knee, and some doctors think that pressure from the air compressions protects it from injury. When air compressions fail, this protective cover can be damaged, and that can lead to a premature failure of the patellar tendon.

Health Benefits of Leg compression boots

This study describes the effects of leg compression boots on running gait:

Marquette University of Milwaukee recently investigated the effects of leg compression boots on running gait using electromyography techniques. Leg compression boots were placed onto both knees of 60 runners for 20 minutes, and the runners then ran on a treadmill for four miles.

When air pressure was reduced below 20 PSI, runners experienced less stress on the patellar tendon and reduced stress on the knees. The study concluded that leg compression boots were an effective method to reduce the incidence of running injuries, such as patellar tendonitis. The authors concluded:

Air pressure reduction below 20 PSI reduces the patellar tendon stress. This reduction reduces the incidence of patellar tendonitis in the runner, and demonstrates that leg compression boots may play a useful role in preventing future patellar tendonitis.

There are many health benefits of using leg compression boots to help protect and improve the circulation to tissues and help improve health. These benefits can include:

Reducing stress on the muscles

Reducing the chance of injury

Promoting proper blood flow to the muscles

Promoting normal muscle function

Improving muscle healing

Removing gas and toxins that cause pain

Promoting the growth of new blood vessels

Influencing the formation of new tissue

Helping to correct blood vessel abnormalities that result from running injuries

Influencing the regulation of calcium levels

One thing to note is that the addition of air pressure can influence other conditions, such as orthopaedic pain, arthritis pain, and osteoporosis pain. There are still many benefits to these other conditions, but this research indicates that air pressure reduction may cause less pain and inflammation.

For people with knee pain, doctors recommend non-invasive therapy in the form of exercise and a change in the form of movement.

Zoe Kickhefer