When people think of CBD, they often immediately think of CBD oil. Although there are many methods of taking CBD, CBD oil seems to have risen above the pack and emerged as the most accepted way of taking CBD. Why is CBD oil such a popular way of intaking CBD, and what advantages do CBD oil drops have over other methods of CBD ingestion? Here’s why CBD drops are the most effective method of consuming CBD.


You might think that CBD oil would have an extremely bad taste, but that isn’t exactly true. Even if you do find the taste unpleasant, there are plenty of things that you can do to mask the taste. Many people may find that consuming CBD oil is much better than eating something like a CBD edible. In addition, people who can’t swallow pills will obviously find this method of consumption much more manageable. It’s extremely easy to take CBD drops and there’s no hassle, making it an extremely effective method of CBD intake. You can always try on different ways of CBD intake. You can even mix the oil along with the bud and roll a joint. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to roll a joint, in such instances, an automatic joint roller would come to your aid. If you are interested in learning more about how to use an automatic joint roller, or purchase the same, you can look up websites like Buy My Weed Online as these places have tons of info on CBD accessories and ways to use them correctly.

You may also find that this method works for you and you are going through your products quite fast – in this case you may want to think about a CBD Wholesale from CBD Queen for example. Many sites like this offer wholesale options online so you can buy enough products to keep you going for a while.


A main concern of CBD usage is the dosage and potency one receives from using it. When using CBD, you want to ensure that your method of intake is potent enough to actually provide you the benefits of CBD. On the other hand, you also want to ensure that the CBD you’re intaking isn’t too strong, especially if you’re a beginner and have no tolerance for it. Thankfully, CBD oil allows you to easily choose the dosage you want, by easily allowing you to choose how much to intake. You can find what amount of drops works best for you, and easily give yourself that dosage with no issue.


One of the main advantages of CBD drops is the versatility that they can provide. Many other methods of intaking CBD are pretty obvious and not easily transferable. As a result, some of the other methods of ingesting CBD cannot be used on the go, and are very limited in terms of when you can actually use them. In addition, other methods of CBD intake may require equipment, while using CBD oil doesn’t. For example, using CBD dabs aren’t easily transferable because a large and clunky rig is required to use them, and vaping CBD requires an expensive vaporizer as well as replacement coils, such as these Smok Nord coils, for example. Although vaping can be fun especially due to the social aspect, it may be best left to flavored pods rather than CBD. The versatility that CBD oil brings, makes it an extremely good option for CBD intake. There are different accessories for consuming CBD like, vape, dab or a recent innovative device like terp slurper. These are easily available in the market, if you are interested in purchasing any, you may like to check out portals like the dab lab. Not only this, but people can find various CBD oil products to be a lot cheaper by looking into a Medterra promo code or other similar ways to save money on CBD products from many different vendors.

Limited Side Effects

Many people have some concerns regarding the side effects stemming from certain CBD ingestion methods. CBD vapes and CBD dabs both require the user to inhale vapor and smoke, something that could lead to negative side effects. Everyone knows the dangers of smoking nicotine, and while inhaling CBD vapor isn’t nearly as dangerous, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely free of negative side effects. Inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor can damage your lungs, making it not an entirely safe way to intake CBD. Thankfully, CBD oil has no such side effects, making it a great way to intake CBD.

Zoe Kickhefer